Accurate Background

Designer: Rengel + Co.
Size Of Project: 300 + Crossroads Blend Sales, Customer Service and General Purpose Workstations
Location: Irvine, CA
Solutions Provided:

Solutions Provided:


Thanks to Accurate Background, Inc. and our partners this project included more than 300 workstations on 2 floors and was installed in a record (5) days.  This project utilized Crossroads Blend –  this concept represents a combination of spine based Crossroads Classic 3-inch panels, providing structural strength and carrying electrical, voice and data lines and 1-inch linkable panels, that are fully integrated and share the same design options as Crossroads Classic panels.  The project features embossed metal tiles and frameless clear glass.


Accurate Background at a glance:


Accurate Background is a leading provider of comprehensive employee screening and human resource support services, including international background screening, drug testing and health screening.