Xpress Blend

CROSSROADS BLEND is a new approach to modern office design, offering a lighter more open office environment still based on panel system concept. This concept represents a combination of spine-based Crossroads Classic 3-inch panels, providing structural strength and carrying electrical, voice and data lines and 1-inch linkable panels, that are fully integrated and share the same design options as Crossroads Classic panels.


In today’s fast pace economic expansion, many companies especially small businesses and start-ups just cannot afford to deal with traditional lead-times of contract office furniture. This wait slows them down, cuts into their growth and disrupts their ambitions business plans. ODS EXPRESS program is the answer to the demands of businesses on the go in modern economy.

Key features

INTEGRATION. ODS XPRESS program includes: CROSSROADS BLEND — contemporary systems furniture (think cubicles), XBENCH — clean and functional modern benching and LIFT tables — versatile quality height adjustable desks. Whatever your new or expanding offices needs are — ODS XPRESS has the answer.

AVAILABILITY. All elements of ODS XPRESS program are available in 2 weeks lead time. Perfect timing to furnish your office with brand-new cool furniture and get your business up and running.

AFFORDABILITY. With ODS XPRESS you do not need to spend a fortune to have your furniture on time, look good and have a functional office. ODS XPRESS represents the best value on today’s office furniture market.