Crossroads Blend


A NEW WORKSPACE FIT FOR TASK AND TEAM. By employing Crossroads panels in various configurations along with screens and XBench legs, we can create panel-based benching solutions that offer customizable levels of privacy while still preserving the essence of benching concepts.

Key features

PERFORMANCE ENGINEERED AND VERSATILE SYSTEM SOLUTION. Crossroads provides both strength and versatility in all workplace applications. Full-featured stackable frame-and-tile system with floor to ceiling capabilities, Crossroads makes it easy to customize the office, allowing user to specify the desired level of features for each workspace in order to meet diverse needs, while achieving a crisp, clean look at an affordable price.


INTEGRATED. Great Alone. Better Together. Crossroads foundation is 3-inch frame and tile panel. Used in combination with 1-inch segmented divider panels, legs and screens from new X-Bench system, Crossroads migrates with ease from traditional cubicle lay-outs, to modern benching set-ups to contemporary private offices and conference rooms concepts.


MAXIMUM COST EFFICIENCY AND LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP. As organizations anticipate and address changes in the workplace, cost is a primary consideration. Crossroads is an open plan system designed to evolve with changing demands of today’s, delivering exceptional initial value and continued efficiency to minimize the total cost of ownership overtime.