Blue Sky

Designer: H. Hendy
Size Of Project: 58 Crossroads Blend Customer Service, Sales, Accounting & General Purpose Workstations
Location: Irvine, CA
Solutions Provided:

Solutions Provided:


Blue Sky was looking for contemporary look, while keep proven “cubicle” lay-out concept. Together with our partner dealer and design partner ODS met and exceeded customer expectations, working with a very challenging delivery and installation schedule. This project utilized Crossroads Blend – this concept represents a combination of spine based Crossroads Classic 3-inch panels, providing structural strength and carrying electrical, voice and data lines and 1-inch linkable panels, that are fully integrated and share the same design options as Crossroads Classic panels. The project features lots of low open storage, panels up-mounted storage cabinets with sliding doors, specifically designed for the project floating end-tables and new XBench legs.


Blue Sky at a glance:


More than just a pretty planner, Blue Sky creates dated planners, calendars and notebooks that help people manage their time and organize their lives – effectively and with style.