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Bolton & Company

Size of Project:20 Crossroads Classic General-Purpose Workstations & 6 Private Offices
Location:Anaheim, CA
Solutions Provided:

Thanks to Bolton & Company and our partner dealer for this project that included 20 Crossroads Classic workstations and 6 Private Offices that provided storage and ergonomic solutions together with space utilization to help ensure comfort as well as productivity for all employees.

The project utilized Crossroads Classic – 3” thick frame-and-tile panels featuring new clear channel mounted glass, low storage options and belt-line power, voice and data access. The project also t features upgraded option RTF (Rigid ThermoFoil) exterior tile-to-floor tiles storage fronts.

Bolton & Company at a glance

Bolton & Company is a full-service insurance broker based in California that handles the employee benefits, property and casualty and risk management needs for thousands of clients across the globe.

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