Designer: In-House
Size Of Project: 50 Crossroads Classic Customer Service, Sales, Accounting & General Purpose Workstations
Location: Carson, CA
Solutions Provided:

Solutions Provided:


When working on design of their new HQ office Cabi was looking for a balanced solution: to create functional offices, keep the traditional “cubicle” lay-out without “cubicle” feel. Working closely with our dealer partner and Cabi in-house designer, our team helped Cabi to achieve this goal by utilizing Crossroads blend concept with warm white trim color with dark walnut RTF (Rigid ThermoFoil) worksurfaces, low panel height, panel up-mounted storage and new frameless bracket-less channel mounted glass, that resulted in creation of contemporary classic office environment.


Cabi at a glance:


Cabi was created as a way for women to live the life they’ve always wanted. Through changing the way women shop and work, many lives have been transformed over the last 14 years.