Designer: Gensler – Orange County
Size Of Project: 1850 Crossroads Classic Customer Service, Sales, Accounting & General Purpose Workstations
Location: Orange, CA & Dallas, TX.
Solutions Provided:

Solutions Provided:


CashCall was looking for standard to maximize real estate and at the same time providing its employees with comfortable and functional working environment. To do so, Gensler – one of the nation’s leading A&D firm and our dealer partner came up with zig-zag stations lay-out, creating CashCall new office standard. This concept spans across many floors in their Orange, CA HQ building as well as 300 + stations in Dallas, TX.


CashCall at a glance:


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Orange, CashCall, Inc. one of the nation’s leading discount mortgage lenders. CashCall Mortgage specializes in low interest mortgage loans and home refinancing for borrowers with good to excellent credit.