Data Direct Networks

Designer: In-House
Size Of Project: 21 Crossroads Classic Customer Service, Sales, Accounting & General Purpose Workstations
Location: Chatsworth, CA
Solutions Provided:

Solutions Provided:


Data Direct Networks was looking for large size, loaded with features traditional cubicle style workstations with modern twist. Together with our partner dealer ODS delivered this solution for almost twice less amount compared to major manufacturer offering. Stations were loaded with desk-top voice/data power, white boards, panel based up-mounted and low storage and RTF (Rigid ThermoFoil) tiles on the exterior and new frameless bracket-less frosted channel-mounted glass, which resulted in creating of sharp, functional office environment. Did we mention cost-effective?


Data Direct Networks at a glance:


For over 15 years, DDN has designed, developed, deployed and optimized systems, software and solutions which enable enterprises, service providers, universities and government agencies to generate more value and accelerate time to insight from their data and information, on premise and in the cloud.