Designer: GKK Works
Size Of Project: 140 Dual-Bench Lift Tables, 28 Straight C-Leg Lift Tables for Private Offices
Location: Irvine, CA
Solutions Provided:

When INCIPIO Group decided to move their operations to the new facility in Irvine, CA to open their new World Headquarters, the mission was simple – to create for their employees a contemporary working environment which was both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. A place where people are happy. A place where productivity and creativity thrive. INCIPIO Group was looking for quality product but watching the bottom line at the same time. Together with our partner dealer and the GKK Works team, ODS delivered the most functional, cool-looking and cost-effective solution on the market – ODS Height Adjustable Lift Tables. For the Incipio Group project dual-bench with integrated power beam model was utilized. ODS Lift Tables standard features include: dual motors, 3-stage legs and 4-memory handsets. ODS Lift tables boast super quiet and smooth operation, which always comes in handy, especially on projects of this size.


When the project was completed, the result turned out to be nothing but stunning. Pictures worth a thousand words. Enjoy!


INCIPIO Group at a glance


INCIPIO Group is a global consumer technology solutions platform operating a diverse portfolio of owned and licensed brands at the intersection of design and functionality. Founded in Southern California in 1999, INCIPIO Group strategy begins with a passion for building amazing product and a commitment to serve their customers, with a mission to enhance the mobile lifestyle by delivering only the best brands and products to active mobile consumers around the globe.