MSC Software Corporation

Designer: Interior Architects
Size Of Project: 123 LIFT height-adjustable tables with custom screens, powered by ODS power beam.
Location: Irvine, CA
Solutions Provided:

When MSC Software decided to open their new corporate facility in Irvine, CA one if the task they were facing was how to stay away from traditional “cubicle farm” concept and 

to create for their employees a contemporary working environment which was both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. A place where people are happy. A place where productivity and creativity thrive. MSC Soft was looking for quality product but watching the bottom line at the same time. Together with our partner dealer team, ODS delivered the most functional, cool-looking and cost-effective solution – ODS Height Adjustable LIFT Tables powered by ODS power beam.

ODS Lift Tables standard features include dual motors, 3-stage legs and 4-memory handsets. ODS Lift tables boast super quiet and smooth operation, which always comes in handy, especially on projects of this size.  The project features custom notched work-surfaces to accommodate 24” high tackable fabric screens. As a result, screens sit flush on the tops, creating cleaner look.  For added privacy and protection, we used frosted acrylic screens on ODS power beam.

This teamwork resulted in bright, colorful and functional modern office.


MSC Software at a glance: 

Simulating Reality, Delivering Certainty

MSC Software develops simulation software technology that enables engineers to validate and optimize their designs using virtual prototypes. Customers in almost every part of manufacturing use its software to complement, and in some cases even replace the physical prototype “build and test” process that has traditionally been used in product design.