Designer: In-house
Size Of Project: 42 Crossroads Classic stations, 46 Private Office set-ups, Conference room.
Location: City of Industry, CA
Solutions Provided:

For their new headquarters in City of Industry, New Wave Lending decided to remain fairly conservative with traditional cubicle lay-out with a modern twist utilizing desk-high panels and frosted frameless glass.

Popular white color for panel trim and lower storage units, together with light gray fabric used on the interior panel tiles and maple worksurfaces, help to create professional but at the same time warm working environment. Channel-mounted frameless frosted glass looks clean and like natural extension of the panel, letting natural light flow and at the same time provide a certain level of privacy and protection.

The project features RTF (Rigid ThermoFoil) exterior tile-to-floor tiles, that are practical and create clean and modern look. RTF panel tiles is one of the proprietary solutions that ODS provide to its customers.

Together with our dealer partner ODS managed to exceed customer expectations and delivered the project on time, on the budget and punch list free.


New Wave Lending at a glance:


New Wave Lending Group is a wholesale mortgage lender providing a hybrid approach for both traditional and modern mortgage professionals with their robust B2B solutions, intuitive customer service, maximized efficiency, and competitive rates.