Nordson Medical

Designer: In-House
Size Of Project: 24 Crossroads Blend Stations, 13 Private Offices
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Solutions Provided:

Nordson Medical was opening a new office in Huntington Beach, CA and was looking for the right furniture provider to partner with. They found ODS offering to be the right solution for their needs. Together with our partner dealer ODS proposed Crossroads Blend line for the new Nordson workstations. The provided solution featured Crossroads Blend stations with 3” thick panels forming the spline and 1” thick panels serving as dividers between the stations. To open up the space and ensure the flow of natural light all Blend panels have clear glass top segment of the panel. The project features a couple of unique elements like tapered main work-surfaces and drop-down return worksurfaces sitting on box-file lateral storage units.


Nordson Medical at a glance


Nordson MEDICAL makes and markets an innovative line of fluid management components, biomaterial delivery devices, and catheter solutions. Nordson MEDICAL has expertise in engineering, manufacturing, assembly, quality, regulatory compliance, distribution and more. All products can be customized to meet your specific user requirements.