Partners Capital

Designer: Gensler, O.C.
Size Of Project: 52 Crossroads Classic Customer Service, Sales, Accounting, Operations & General Purpose Workstations. 24 Privates Office, including CEO office.
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Solutions Provided:
Solutions Provided:
For the new Head Quarters, Partners Capital was looking for a more traditional cubicle concept with full functionality of a modern office. Together with our partner dealer and Gensler, ODS met and exceeded customer expectations, by providing a balanced solution: functional and efficient workspace, with traditional “cubicle” lay-out without “cubicle” feel. This project utilized Crossroads Classic – 3” thick frame-and-tile panels featuring new clear channel mounted glass, low storage options and panels up-mounted storage cabinets with sliding doors.

Partners Capital at a glance:
Partners Capital Group is one of the largest privately held independent finance companies in the United States that specializes in equipment financing. Partners Capital has extensive experience in all business sectors and works with businesses and equipment vendors nationwide.