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LIFT is a complete line of sleek height-adjustable tables that responds to the way people work today, delivering user adjustability and ergonomics. LIFT strikes a balance between collaborative, shared work and focused, heads down work – from primary workstations, private offices or even conference rooms.

Key features

ERGONOMIC PERFORMANCE. To create a more health-positive workplace, LIFT height-adjustable tables empower employees to choose the most comfortable way to work, allowing to shift from seated to standing height throughout the day, enhancing wellness and preventing injuries. LIFT line offers a range of table top shapes and sizes to support a variety of interactions or focused work.

VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS. LIFT works in all the places that people do. Use it in a private office, collaborative spaces, integrate with Crossroads system furniture, or in an open office. It even works in a conference room, giving the freedom to hold efficient stand-up meetings or stay fresh by making healthy movement a part of the agenda.

NUTS AND BOLTS. LIFT tables feature dual motors for straight desks and triple motors for L-shapes. With the touch of a button, powerful motors raise the tops at a brisk 1.5 inches per second. 3-stage columns are controlled by solid-state to ensure a gentle start and stop and stay perfectly synced as they travel up and down. There are 2 options for the Control Switch – Standard Control with up/down function to raise and lower worksurfaces and Memory Control, featuring 4 programmable memory settings and customizable upper and lower limits. LIFT tables feature an Anti-Collision system to prevent injury to users and damage to surrounding objects. Cable management is standard, and a variety of optional dividing screens is available.


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